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Nirvana Now!             
Sojourner Truth Newspaper, 2006
The Toledo Journal,2006
The Toledo Journal, 2006
Choosing Inner Peace For You
McKenzie Phillips Is Wrong...Children
cannot have consensual sex with parents
and/or authority figures.
                                           Sojourner Truth Newspaper, 2009
"Northwest Ohio Is Just As Bad As
Penn State"
            Sojourner Truth Newspaper, December, 2011
There IS Happiness After Incest and Child Sexual Abuse
                                                       written by CeCe Norwood
Is Penn State Relevant to Latinos?   
Spanish version English version
                                       LaPrenza Newspaper, December 2011
A New Message: Speaking Out Isn't Traitorous (CeCe is interviewed)

                                             Orlando Sentinal Newspaper, Reporter Gayle Pollard July 2004
Black Rape, Incest Victims Reluctant To Report Crimes
(CeCe interviewed)                                                                                      
L.A. Times, Reporter Gayle Pollard-Terry, 2004
For African American rape victims, a culture of silence
                                                L.A. Times, Reporter Gayle Pollard-Terry, 2004
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Holidays Not So Happy For Some Children

Sojourner Truth Newspaper, December 2012