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Nirvana Now!          Choosing Inner Peace For You

Nirvana Now!, formally the African American Women’s Coalition, is a grass roots
organization that was founded in 1989.  At the time of inception, the primary
purpose of the organization was to conduct crucial research on the African
American woman’s experiences with incest and child sexual abuse.  

While engaged in this research, it became obvious that work in the areas of
exposing the prevalence, consequences, and prevention strategies were direly

The name of the organization was changed to Nirvana Now! in 1999 to reflect the
inner struggle of African American women survivors and the consistent message
received from individuals that inner peace was elusive in their lives.  

It is the organization's belief that until African American incest and child sexual
abuse survivors begin and complete the journey toward "Nirvana" and the
community as a whole addresses the issues of incest, child sexual abuse, and rape
neither survivors, nor the African American community can be healthy.  

Nirvana Now! expanded the breath of services offered by the organization to
included facilitation of survivor Speak OUTs! for women of all backgrounds,
publication of articles, training of professionals and caregivers, consulting, and a
speaker’s bureau.
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