Nirvana Now!

Renewal & Peace for Survivors of Sexual Assault

Cece Norwood, Founder

Welcome, I’m CeCe

I’m so glad you’re here. For survivors of incest, child sexual abuse, and rape the question I hear the most is, “Will this pain ever go away?” Beneath this is the deeper question, “Will I ever be happy again?” Trust me, I know it firsthand as a black woman who was sexually abused.

A response of “Yes” eluded me for years, even after multiple therapists, support groups, books, magazines, journals, conversations and tears shed with other survivors. But I want to offer you hope. Hope that you too can have a happy life. All you have to do is Claim it!

Over 30 years ago I started Nirvana Now! to serve African American survivors and their communities. But today I work with women, children, and men of all backgrounds. Let me share what I believe is the essence of what survivors need to understand and do in order to expedite obtainment of happiness in their lives.

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Working with Survivors, Resource Parents, & Professionals

Consultation with organizations that want to elevate their learning opportunities for staff and stakeholders. Can provide customized coaching, training development, and implementation that meets organizational and individualized requirements.

Extensive training library for resource parents, staff educators, and those working within social services and professional development. Custom training tracks can also be created to meet specific organizational needs.

For survivors and co-survivors, CeCe offers private sessions aimed at achieving life goals.

Participation in discussion circles can help survivors move forward and achieve breakthroughs.


Resources for Your Journey Toward Renewal & Peace

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Recommendations for survivors of sexual abuse

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