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Nirvana Now!               
    CeCe Norwood, MA

CeCe Norwood is a featured national speaker on incest and child sexual
abuse issues in general and the African American community in particular,
recognized workshop trainer, life coach, author of many articles and her
recent book
There IS Happiness After Incest And Child Sexual Abuse.  

She is a certified trainer for the Ohio Child Welfare Training Program
where she trains caregivers and professionals on a variety of child welfare
issues. She has functioned as a Permanency Consultant and Recruiter for
foster care children who are in need of permanent homes. Ms. Norwood also
provides professional development learning opportunities for educators,
social workers, counselors and businesses. She is a life-time certified
Bridges Out Of Poverty trainer.

Ms. Norwood is an education surrogate parent and guardian ad litem. She
received the Lucas County Court Appointed Special Advocate Rising Star
Award which recognizes CASA volunteers  for their contribution to the
lives of abused and neglected children. She has been recognized by Alpha
Kappa Alpha Sorority for her  community service work in Toledo and
surrounding areas. She has also been a  Cullen Champion for Children,
ATHENA, and YWCA Milestones Award nominee, all in recognition for her
community work.

Ms. Norwood is the founder of Nirvana Now!, an organization dedicated to
the eradication of all forms of sexual violence, facilitates survivor
OUTs!,provides consultation to organizations interested in developing child
welfare educational opportunities and understanding best practices in
working with incest, child sexual abuse, and rape survivors, publishes
articles, and maintains a speaker’s bureau.

Ms. Norwood is the past Interim Executive Director for the
Ohio Alliance
To End Sexual Violence (OAESV), founding President of OAESV Board, and  
founding member of the Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment
Healing Coalition (SA PATH) of Northwest Ohio. The mission of both
organizations is to work toward eliminating child sexual abuse, all forms of
sexual violence and to advocate for the rights and needs of survivors and
co-survivors. She is also an active member of the Ohio LGBTQI Task Force,
Ohio IPV Planning Collaborative, co-chair of the Ohio Sexual and Intimate
Partner Violence Consortium and the Lucas County Bridges Out Of Poverty
Steering Committee.

Ms. Norwood is  
dedicated to assisting survivors of incest,child sexual
abuse, and rape receive the assistance they need to claim the happiness they
deserve in their lives.  She is equally dedicated to assisting parents,
caregivers, and teachers develop the skills necessary to parent and teach
abused and neglected children involved with the child welfare system.  Ms.
Norwood is excited about working with professionals to assist them develop
the understanding and skill sets necessary to work with families, adults and
children who have multiple needs and who may be of a different racial,
cultural group or socioeconomic status.

Most importantly to CeCe, she is the mother of a FANTASTIC daughter.
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