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Nirvana Now!                

  • Domestic Violence

  • Life After Incest & Child Sexual Abuse

  • Overview of Incest & Child Sexual Abuse

  • Parenting The African American Incest and Child Sexual
    Abuse Survivor

  • Your Body...Your Own

  • Parenting The Children of Substance Abusing Parents

  • Adolescence Substance Abuse

  • The Adoption Is Final...Real Life Kicks In

  • Advocating For The Special Needs Child

  • Diagnosis vs. Abilities

  • Parenting  and Loving Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual,
    Transgender, Questioning Youth

  • Understanding the Stages of Childhood Development

  • Understanding Race and Culture Will Help You Teach and

  • Independent Living  Skills for Youth 13+ Yrs. Of  Age
  •   I Want A New Car
  •   Apartment Hunting
  •   I Want a Job That Pays Well
  •   He Likes Me...She Likes Me
  •   No Cigarettes or Drugs For Me
  •   Can I Go To College?
  •   Safe Sex
  •   Manage That Anger
  • Do You Have Good Self-Esteem                            
IHS has e-track approved training of the following
standardized  curriculums.

Pre-Service Training: (Foster & Adoptive)

1)        Orientation and Overview
2)        Child Protection Team
3)        Child Development
4)        Trauma and Its Effects
5)        Child Sexual Abuse
6)        Minimizing Trauma of Placement
7)        Transcending Differences In Placement
8)        Helping Children Manage Emotions
9)        Understanding Primary Families
10)       Effects of Caregiving on the Family
11)       Long-Term Separation from Birth Parents
12)       Post Adoption Issues for Families

  • Achieving Permanency Through Round Tables (Values)

  • Achieving Permanency Through Round Tables (Skills)

  • Youth-Focused Permanency Round Tables

  • Birth Parent Services

  • Inter agency Collaboration

  • Cultural Issues in Permanency Planning - Assessor Training Tier II

  • Keepin' It In The Family...The Dynamics of Kinship Care

  • Successful Transcultural Parenting...Dealing With The Dynamics of Difference

  • Diagnosis AD/HD..What's Next?

  • Foster Families and How They Grow.  Understanding the Effects of Fostering

  • Play With A Purpose..Strategies To Enhance The Parent-Child Relationship

  • "Mon, Dad, I'm Searching"..The Impact of Search and Reunion on the Family

  • Understanding and Building Attachment

  • Single Parent Adoptions...Single But Never Alone

  • Managing Our Behavior To Manage Theirs..Discipline In Foster Care

  • Primary Family to Foster Family...Understanding Challenges, Issues, and
    Strategies for Success

  • Parenting The Sexually Abused Child

  • Cultural Issues In Foster Care:  Dealing with the Dynamics of Difference

  • Healthy Sexual Development of Youth and Teens

  • Recognizing and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

  • V-Street Independent Living Program

  • Effective Public Speaking

  • Winning Over The Difficult Client

  • Working With Substance Abusing Parents
  • Understanding Culture And Diversity Will
    Improve Performance Outcomes

  • My Head Is About To Explode...Managing

  • Effective Treatment Strategies For Incest,  
    Child Sexual Abuse, and Rape Survivors

  • Understanding Boundaries..Balancing
    Personal & Professional Lives

  • Sexuality and the Disabled

  • Culturally Sensitive Interviewing
*All proprietary workshops can be
reconstructed to fit particular audiences,
contractor program goals, and time
constraints.  Additional workshops, based
on contractor need and Nirvana Now!
expertise, can be developed.
Choosing Inner Peace For You
1.        Expect Respect (adolescent support group curriculum for safe and healthy relationships)

2.        Bridges Out of Poverty - Provides a framework for understanding poverty and reviews the   
skills, policies and procedures that will enable organizations & communities to become more skilled in
working with individuals who are in poverty -  1-day, 2-day

3.        Getting By In A Just Gettin’ By World - 15 week program for people living in poverty that is
designed to assist participants develop a plan to change their life circumstances

4.        Getting Ahead While Getting Out - 20 week program for incarcerated individuals and their
families that is designed to assist with re-entry into the community and the goal of preventing recidivism.

5.        Getting Ahead In The Workplace - People sometimes feel trapped in poverty because
employment is unsteady and promotion into a living-wage job is just out of reach. Getting Ahead in the
Workplace is a path to stable employment based on community and relationships. Participants self-
assess their resources and create future stories that build them up

6.        Workplace Stability - creating workplace stability by helping employees build resources makes
business sense. Employee instability creates business instability and eats away at the bottom line. Learn
simple, inexpensive solutions you can implement to help stabilize your employees’ lives—and boost
your profitability and competitive advantage.

7.        Understanding Infant Adoptions

8.        Ties That Bind: Substance Abuse In The Kinship Family, 2-day