If this is your first time to my blog, I want to welcome you. I decided to start this blog because I needed a place to share my thoughts about issues related to incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual violence of women and children. As a survivor of incest and child sexual abuse I know […]

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Promises & Permissions

Excerpt from There IS Happiness After Incest And Child Sexual Abuse, CeCe Norwood, MA I. Promise to remember your triggers and immediately invoke your defense strategies when triggered. II. Give yourself permission to be really, really, really mad, angry, and/or enraged about being sexually abused and how it has affected your life. III. Promise to

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The Acceptances

The following are a few facts that if Accepted as true, will shorten your journey to happiness. Once you have sincerely accepted the above facts, your energies should then be focused on: Excerpt from There IS Happiness After Incest And Child Sexual Abuse, CeCe Norwood, MA

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Death All Around Me

Over the last 30 days I received three communications about fellow survivors, who have touch my life over their years, who had either attempted to or had committed suicide. Knowing much of their stories, it wasn’t all of their first time doing so. All three of these women are/were powerful women. Intelligent. Talented. Giving. Yet,

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Looking for Poets

Are you a budding woman poet who is a survivor of incest, child sexual abuse, or rape and would like to see your encouraging and heartfelt messages published?  If so, contact CeCe:  cece@mynirvananow.org If you are a survivor, male or female, of incest, child sexual abuse or rape and would like to tell your story of survival, I

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Madam President

When a friend sent me an e-mail with Madam President in the subject, I was intrigued.  Upon opening it I realized she was talking about me!  She was congratulating me on being elected as Board President for the Ohio Alliance To End Sexual Violence.  Don’t know exactly how it happened but,  if I know nothing

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The rough definition of reciprocity is “give and take.”  I am so tired of the people who take from survivors via providing billable services and don’t help to end sexual abuse of children or sexual assault.  I don’t understand it.  It’s as if their inaction  shouts loud and clear that there is nothing that can

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The Best Day

Today was the best day I have had in a long time. Or maybe its more correct to say the most affirming day I have had in a long time. This morning the Lucas County Commissioners, Ben Konop, Tina Skeldon Wazniak, Ben Konop, presented the Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing Coalition of NWO with

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