Recommended Reading

book cover of, Courage to Heal

The Courage To Heal: A guide for Women Survivors of
Child Sexual Abuse

Bass, Ellen and Davis, Laura, Harper Perennial, New York, 1994

book cover of, Free Your Mind

Free Your Mind. The Book for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Youth and their Allies

Bass, Ellen and Kaufman, Kate, Harper Perennial, New York, 1996

book cover of, Secret Survivors

Secret Survivors:  Uncovering Incest and its After Effects in Women

Blume, Sue, Balantine Books, New York 1990

book cover of, Sex Offender Treatment

Sex Offender Treatment: Biological Dysfunction, Intrapsychic Conflict, Interpersonal Violence

Coleman, Eli, et. al., Haworth Press Inc., New York 1996

book cover of, The Right To Innocence

The Right to Innocence: Healing the Trauma of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Engel, Beverly, St. Martin’s Press, New York 1989

book cover of, Sexualized Children

Sexualized Children:  Assessment and Treatment of Sexualized Children and Children Who Molest

Gil, Eliana. et. al., Dell Publishing, New York 1983

book cover of, Pedophiles and Priests

Pedophiles and Priests: Anatomy Of A Contemporary Crisis

Jenkins, Phillip, Oxford University Press, Oxford NY 1996

book cover of, Understanding Your Child's Sexual Behavior

Understanding Your Child’s Sexual Behavior.  What’s
Natural and Healthy?

Johnson, Toni Cavanagh, New Harbinger Publisher

book cover of, Victims No Longer

Victims No Longer:  Men Recovering From Incest and Other Sexual Child Abuse

Lew, Mike,  HarperCollins, New York 1986

book cover of, Can't Touch My Soul

Can’t Touch My Soul: A Guide for Lesbian Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse

Rafanello, Donna, Alyson Publications, 2004

book cover of, I Will Survive

I Will Survive

Robinson, Lori, Seal Press, New York 2002

book cover of, The Secret Trauma

The Secret Trauma: Incest in the Lives of Girls and Women

Russell, Diana, Basic Books, New York 1999

book cover of, Predators, Pedophiles and Other Sex Offenders

Predators, Pedophiles, Rapists, and Other Sex Offenders who they are, how they operate, and how we can protect ourselves and our children

Salter, Anna, Ph.D., Basic Books, New York 2003

book cover of, No Secrets No Lies

No Secrets No Lies. How Black Families Can Heal from Sexual Abuse

Stone, Robin, Broadway Books, New York 2004