A 14 year old girls rape experience 

I read this on a teen dating website. This is why EVERYONE on our planet has TO STOP SEXUAL ASSAULT. It brought me to tears.

I need to talk to someone… i want to tell someone my r,a,p,e story… even the details.

will some please let me tell it to them… if you have 1 to i will read it

ok… heres my story i went to the movies the other day with my boyfriend Cole, my friend Jada, and her boyfriend Sam. We were watching the movie Shrek because that was the only movie playing that night. we were about half way through the movie when my boyfriend started makeing out with me and asked me if i wanted to go to his car. i said yes and i asked my friend jada if she wanted to come with me and take her boyfriend. she said yes too.. when we got to the car we sat there for about 5 minutes until Sam asked Cole if he was ready. Cole said yes. me and jada thought we were just going to drive around for a while or something… but we were wrong… they took us to a field and then grabbed both of us and started to hit us and take our clothes off.. we were both scared and were screaming. i knew at that point what was going on… i blacked out and when i woke up i was in a cabin with jada and we were both tied down… we could see some wips and some sexual toys… we were both naked… finally cole and sam walked in and grabbed the wips… they started hitting us with them and teling us that we were very naughty for trying to hit them and run away. after that they got undressed and started to come close to us.. cole started to finger me and started kissing me and then Sam went over and got a vibrator and started it on jada…. she was screaming and crying… then cole told sam that he was tired of messing around so he pulled out his c.o.c.k and put it in me.. after he did that for a while i blacked out because of the pain… when i woke up i was bleading and he was doing it again but in my back side with no lube… it hurt really bad… when i looked over to where jada was she was gone… i was screaming for her and cole said that she decided that she liked it and so she was having a little fun… but apparently they had told her to do something but she wouldnt so they sam was beating her outside the cabin… finally jada walked back in a told me she was sorry while she was crying… i asked her for what and she grabbed the wip and started to wip me… i then blacked out again and wock up in the hospital.. cole and sam are in jail.. jada is pregnant… i just needed to tell my story to get it out of me

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