Death All Around Me

Over the last 30 days I received three communications about fellow survivors, who have touch my life over their years, who had either attempted to or had committed suicide. Knowing much of their stories, it wasn’t all of their first time doing so. All three of these women are/were powerful women. Intelligent. Talented. Giving. Yet, the overwhelm of their sexual abuse experiences is/was great. I’m so sadden. I’m happy for the ones who are now at rest. No more fighting for sanity, fear, nightmares, disappointments, loses, pain. Only peace.

Knowing these women and realizing there are so many more like them only makes me more determined to make public sexual violence and child sexual abuse in our communities. I’m so tired of something so insidious not being addressed. So tired of children loosing their childhood on a daily basis.

And, just as much as I was to make more public the devastating effects of the abuse, I also want victims to know their lives are not over…it is possible to have a happy fulfilled life! That message must be put out in the world as well as stories about those of us who have successfully managed the residuals of our sexual abuse experiences. I wish I knew more about pubic relations, marketing, or advertising type stuff.

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