Sexual Abuse Prevention Awareness Treatment Healing Coalition (SA PATH)

It’s amazing how people are just showing up to do what is necessary to eradicate incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual violence in Northwest Ohio.  Only after two community forums did attendees decide to develop a Coalition of diverse people to work on eradication of sexual violence.  Amazing.  Professionals, organizations, survivors, family members from all walks of life are now involved.  We now have a free permanent place to meet.  A marketing/p.r. expert is lending a hand with our prevention and awareness activities. An advertising company is willing to help get billboards up.  Wow.

The Coalition has extended its expertise to the media to assist them in developing stories and responding to the inordinate amount of sexual violence in this area.  In 2009 Lucas County Children Services investigated 940+ allegations of sexual abuse of children.  Thats almost 79 sexual abuse investigations a month! Unacceptable!!!

Just a  month or so ago  in Toledo we had the case of a 15-year-old boy who sexually assaulted a 20+ year old women with a disability on a public street.  A major street!  In an interview on the television, I heard her say how upset it made her that people she attempted to get help from wouldn’t.  It made me sad to hear her.  She experienced what so many sexually assaulted people experience…apathy from those around them…unwillingness to get involved….silence!  What is wrong with a 15-year-old who would do such a thing?  Does the fact, he sexually assaulted this women on a very busy street say anything? We know some sexually assaulted youth become perpetrators in response to their abuse. Was he reaching out for help in some perverted way? No matter his reasons, an innocent woman’s life has changed forever. 

We also recently had elementary school principal resign after being accused of writing some explicit texts messages to an elementary school girl.  Yuck!  What the hell is going on? 

All of these abuses of women and children show the brazenness of perpetrators.  How in some way it is acceptable.  It’s also amazing how these tragic stories get lost in both television and print media so quickly. 

I’m so glad the Coalition is now here so we can help change community values and norms related to the sexual abuse of children and sexual violence of adults.  We’re looking for others to join us who are interested in helping  save and change thousands of lives.  No prior experience, skills, education needed.  Just the belief all of us are responsible for stopping the sexual assault of children and adults.

Questions for you:

  • what do you think should be done to eventually eradicate sexual abuses?
  • if you have been in counseling:
  • how many years total?    have you ever told “whole” story of what happened to you (the events & emotions)?  If not, why not?

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