Stop Having Sex With Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so freakin’ tired of hearing about adult men in power having sex with underage girls or forcing themselves on women.  When is the S— going to stop?  When are we in our society going to stand up and do something?  I don’t get it.  Richard Neff in Dundee Michigan  for molesting girls and yesterday I see Lawrence Taylor  is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old child. They join the countless others. What the hell is going on?  Is no one connecting the dots?  We have a problem people.  We have a society where it is acceptable to f– kids.  And when people know about the abuse some don’t tell.  Do people realize that incest, child sexual abuse, and rape are all PREVENTABLE conditions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They don’t have to exist.  All we have to do is make the decision to stop it.  All we have to do is stand up and demand that perpetrators be swiftly prosecuted and victims and survivors given ongoing help.  All we have to do is stop sexualizing girls.  All we have to do is flood our world with the message that child molestation and rape is unacceptable and won’t be tolerated.  I am so f— tired of it!  My heart can’t take it.  I’m tired of being in the mist of such lifetime sorrow with some victims and survivors.  I’m tired of our world not talking about the effects sexual abuses have on children, adults families, communities, our world.  It’s like a silent killer.  Killing every 2.5 seconds when someone in American is sexually abused.  Killing silently because some don’t admit what has just happened and those who do keep abusing.  People turn their head. Children are hostages and sex toys in their own homes. Girls are prostituted out on a daily basis. What the hell is going on?  Where is the national outcry?  Where the f– is it? 

I am so damn mad at people who can bring this issue to light and don’t.  Like celebrities and well know people who have experienced being raped as a child or adult.  You have heard of them but I bet you can’t recall many names right now.  Why?  Because they get forced out by someone into the public, write a book about it, and you hear nothing else.  I can’t recall how many I have written over the years asking that they get involved. And no response.  I am so pissed at Oprah, in particular, right now I could spit.  Oprah! Queen of everything. Everyone knows her abuse story.  And yet, I hear her talking on TV about starting a “national movement” to end texting while driving!  What! (Now don’t get me wrong when need to focus on that as well). But Oprah using her celebrity to start a “national movement” to end texting!  A recent phenomena in our society. Give me a break.  What about using her celebrity to start a NATIONAL MOVEMENT TO END CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE AND RAPE!  What about that!

I’m also sick of the people who make a living off of incest, rape, child sexual abuse and don’t do a damn thing (sorry about my language today, I guess) to prevent it or increase awareness.  It’s as if they too believe we can’t eradicate it so they dont’ mind taking the money from victims.  Shameful!

  I couldn’t believe how little press The National Sexual Assault Awareness Month got in April in Lucas County.  They were multiple events, and proclamations received from Mayor Bell and the Lucas County Commissioners and not one word reported.  Why?  Does the media not have a responsibility to help with this issue?  I was told the showing of footage for the Commissioners’ proclamation was preempted by a fire. What?  something that impacts an entire community is not important enough to give it 30 seconds of time.  The newspapers didn’t write a thing.  At the mayoral proclamation the media was there for a press conference on a political issue but didn’t stay around to report on the proclamation.  Why?  F–kids and raping women can be stopped media people!   Can’t you help here?  I know for a fact I’ve sent out lists of activities recognizing the month and I didn’t see the media in force.  Why not? 

If you want to learn how to react responsibly to child sexual abuse, On Monday, May 10th the Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center is having a 3-hour workshop entitle Stewards of Children that is filled with lots of information.  Its free.  If you are a parent or work with children in any way you should attend.  They are located at 2460 Cherry Street.  Call Sandi Nugent to register at 292-2927.  Limited seats available.

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