Promises & Permissions

Excerpt from There IS Happiness After Incest And Child Sexual Abuse, CeCe Norwood, MA

I. Promise to remember your triggers and immediately invoke your defense strategies when triggered.

II. Give yourself permission to be really, really, really mad, angry, and/or enraged about being sexually abused and how it has affected your life.

III. Promise to openly share your story to keep sexual abuse of children in everyone’s face.

IV. Give yourself permission to tell the truth, irrespective of who will be mad. The truth will assure your happiness.

V. Promise to always do what is best for you at the time, even if other disagree.

VI. Give yourself permission to take care of your physical & mental health. Love your body! Develop your mind!

VII. Promise to give yourself permission to forgive yourself of ANYTING and EVERYTING you have done to survive. Your higher power forgave you long time ago.

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