Promises & Permissions

Excerpt from There IS Happiness After Incest And Child Sexual Abuse, CeCe Norwood, MA I. Promise to remember your triggers and immediately invoke your defense strategies when triggered. II. Give yourself permission to be really, really, really mad, angry, and/or enraged about being sexually abused and how it has affected your life. III. Promise to […]

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The Acceptances

The following are a few facts that if Accepted as true, will shorten your journey to happiness. Once you have sincerely accepted the above facts, your energies should then be focused on: Excerpt from There IS Happiness After Incest And Child Sexual Abuse, CeCe Norwood, MA

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Is Forgiveness Necessary For Healing?

I have often heard over the years various opinions about whether survivors must “forgive”  their perpetrators to heal themselves.  I have most frequently heard the philosophy from survivors and “helpers” (professional and nonprofessionals) alike that forgiveness of the perpetrators is essential if the survivors is to heal.  I have heard specifically things like “I forgive my perpetrator for me,

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Role of Perpetrators

It seems more and more perpetrators or people thinking about perpetrators are  finding me.  Historically, I haven’t give much thought to perpetrators as my emphasis has always been focused on the survivor.  As I have learned, over the years, to open myself up to other ideas I am now beginning to see that dealing with perpetrators

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If this is your first time to my blog, I want to welcome you. I decided to start this blog because I needed a place to share my thoughts about issues related to incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual violence of women and children. As a survivor of incest and child sexual abuse I know

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