Role of Perpetrators

It seems more and more perpetrators or people thinking about perpetrators are  finding me.  Historically, I haven’t give much thought to perpetrators as my emphasis has always been focused on the survivor.  As I have learned, over the years, to open myself up to other ideas I am now beginning to see that dealing with perpetrators at some level may very well be a vital part of eradicating all forms of sexual abuse.  I say this because when you read prevention studies there is a new emphasis on changing community norms and social values.   Some say these, among other issues, outside of the individual’s control must be changed  so children are no longer sexualized.  The whole “sex sales” mentality which influences our society through virtually every media outlet much be stopped. (if interested you may want to read  a recent study called Transforming Communities to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation:  A Primary Prevention Approach at

Having said that much DO YOU  believe  it is  purposeful or necessary to engage perpetrators, in some way,  in the cause of preventing, eradicating and providing treatment and healing to survivors?  Let me know what you think.

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