If this is your first time to my blog, I want to welcome you. I decided to start this blog because I needed a place to share my thoughts about issues related to incest, child sexual abuse, and sexual violence of women and children.

As a survivor of incest and child sexual abuse I know the horror of the abuse, the pain of recovery, and the joy of healing. I want to spread the word about healing and happiness following such a horrific experience. I want to give hope and tools to survivors to help them reclaim their lives.

I want to immediately set straight some of the media misrepresentation, and misinterpretation of survivors and their life long journey of recovery. I am hopeful my thoughts will set the record straight in support of victims and survivors as well as give thoughts of happiness to survivors. I also thought this blog would be a place for survivors and other people touched by this issue to communicate with each other about anything relevant to sexual abuse. We can share experiences, resources, pose questions, share research links, and even tell our story to those who understand.

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